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Manual Cleaning

Manual CleaningTo get the best reliability in manual cleaning it is important to select the right detergent, especially under the constraints of working at room temperature, without mechanical assistance. Besides this, rinsing processes are not standardized, making the choice of a suitable cleaner even more important.

Borer Chemie AG is a recognized specialist for laboratory glassware cleaning and has developed a number of highly effective, widely applicable concentrates that do not deposit residues on rinsing.

For a detailed overview of deconex® products for laboratory application and their compatibility, please contact us.


Automated Cleaning

Automated CleaningBorer Chemie AG optimized liquid and powder products for automatic cleaning ensure residue-free cleaning in washers. We provide detergents for the following applications:

  • Mildly alkaline, especially gentle cleaning processes - these are also suitable for the simultaneous processing of corrosion-sensitive components
  • Phosphate-free, environmentally friendly cleaning processes - these have also been used with great success for many applications in laboratory analysis
  • Strongly alkaline cleaning processes for particularly stubborn contaminants


Laboratory Grease

Lab GreaseLubricating grease glisseal® is suitable for sealing and lubricating fixed and rotary ground- glass joints and for greasing fittings made of plastics and metal.


  • Silicon free
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Constant lubricating consistency between -40°C and +250°C
  • No dropping point
  • Chemically inert towards most acids and gases
  • Insoluble in water and low molecular weight mono and polyhydric alcohols
  • Can be dispersed in low molecular weight ketones, esters, amines etc.
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